Across the pond, where obesity numbers are the subject of just as much scrutiny as they are here, a British watchdog organization has declined to ban a Burger King commercial that seemed to imply that manly men don’t like to eat healthy.

“Manthem” is a catchy paean to big fat cheeseburgers and a rejection of “chick food.” According to a piece in the Guardian, UK health groups “complained that the Burger King ad encouraged excessive eating of unhealthy food.”

“[Burger King] argued that it did not believe it was promoting excessive eating as the ad never showed anyone with more than one burger in their hand.

Although the Advertising Standards Authority did clear the King on health issues, the organization dinged the fast-food giant on truthfulness: Apparently the burgers portrayed in the television ads were noticibly larger than the ones you could actually get at Burger King. Burger King was told to pull the ads until it “corrected the misleading impression of the size and composition” of the burgers.

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