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Valentine’s Day is a crock of you-know-what, right? Right? Well, giving a token of your affection to someone you love (or like-like) is plain nice, any time of year. February 14th is just a good excuse to do it then. Relieve the pressure of finding a perfect gift on this national holiday, and just go with a giftlet. You know, a tiny gift. That might match your vibe anyway, whether you’ve been dating only a couple months or you’ve been shacking up for years.

Something sweet and thoughtful for under $25 can ease a straining budget. Might as well save the rapid heart rate for when you’re gettin’ it on. And a food-type gift is harder to mess up. Everyone eats and drinks, and you might know what your favorite person loves to eat or drink in particular. You do it together all the time. So put a little panache into your S.O.’s edible moments with these affordable gifts.

Tea Forté KATI Single Cup Loose Tea Brewing System, $20 on Amazon

single cup ceramic tea brewing cup

Tea Forte/Amazon

For the tea lover in your life who also appreciates minimalism, this ceramic cup comes with a lid and single-serving metal infuser insert, so they can brew in the same mug they drink from. It’s available in several solid colors as well as patterns, to suit anybody’s style. And the double-walled design keeps their tea hot and their hands comfortably warm (not scalded).Get It

Hiware Good Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, $16.99 on Amazon

If a single cup won't suffice, this lovely glass teapot is another great option to gift.
Get It

“Feast Your Eyes” by Brittany Wright, $13.52

Feast Your Eyes food photography book


A coffee table book for the lover of both food and eye-catching art, this photographic feast features vividly colored photos of various ingredients in every shade of the rainbow, and then some. Get It

Pizza Socks Box Pepperoni Slice, $14.99 on Amazon

pizza socks

Pizza Socks Box/Amazon

Does it seem a little cheesy to give someone pizza socks for Valentine’s Day? We think not, especially for someone with a healthy sense of humor—and love of pepperoni, of course. (A whole pizza made of socks is even more incredible, but $0.99 over the $25 limit.) You can also get sushi socks, if that doesn’t seem too…fishy.Get It

Secura Electric Wine Opener, $19.99 on Amazon

electric wine opener


Never struggle with popping the cork from a bottle of wine again (as long you keep this nifty electric wine opener charged; luckily, the built-in rechargeable battery promises to open up to 30 bottles before it needs fresh juice). A handy cutter is included to slice off foil seals too.Get It

MIRA Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, $19.95 on Amazon

insulated water bottle


Slake that thirst but in a stylish, earthy, active dude (or dudette) way with a vacuum-insulated travel water bottle made of high-quality stainless steel. The MIRA bottle can keep up to 25 ounces of liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Available in plenty of patterns and colors, including wood grain and marble finish—none of which will sweat while your S.O. does.Get It

Quiseen Whiskey Stones, 9 for $8.95 on Amazon

whisky stones (soapstone whiskey cubes)


Don’t water your fine whiskey down when you want it on the rocks. These pure soapstone whisky cubes are designed to be stored in your freezer. When you’re ready for a drink, take them out and let them stand for five minutes before dropping them into your glass (which they won’t scratch, since soapstone is made of mostly talc—and its nonporous nature means they won’t change the flavor of your drink either).Get It

Sweet Secrets 5-Inch Pretzel Pizza, $19 at Macy’s

pretzel pizza

Sweet Secrets/Macy’s

This is one case where a broken heart is a good thing—because you get to eat it. This festive five-inch pretzel is positively smothered in semisweet chocolate chips, broken sugar cones, M&Ms, chocolate cookie chunks, heart-shaped sprinkles, and a white chocolate drizzle, and it comes with a mallet to smash it into manageable pieces. This is for the person with a sweet tooth and a need to work out a little aggression (though we’re not sure this counts as a healthy way to do it).Get It

Marmara Authentic Turkish Delight, $8.97 on Amazon

Turkish Delight on Amazon


Of course, not all women (or men) love chocolate—for those who do, check out our Unique Chocolate Gift Guide, because it happens to include several options under $25 (and, more importantly, they’re all delicious). But for everyone else, these gem-like pink Turkish Delight candies are flavored with roses, dusted in sugar, and clearly perfect for the occasion.Get It

Vinkesso 5-Piece Cheese Knives Set, $17.99 on Amazon

cheese knife set


For tastes that skew savory, a set of nice cheese knives is a winning gift, especially if you include a wedge or two of decent fromage (which you might just be able to manage at this price)!Get It

Fletcher’s Mill Pump and Grind Salt & Pepper Mills, $24.95 at Sur la Table

Sur la Table

Give your guy (or gal…or hey, even your mom) something practical, something they might use every day if they cook a lot. These sleek, compact mills are great time-saving tools that crush salt and pepper with a single hand and a few pumps of the thumb. Perfect for transporting to cook on vacation or make gourmet grub while camping, the 5.5-inch mills are made with commercial-grade materials, including stainless steel, designed for years of heavy use.Get It

Bakelicious Crispy Corner Brownie Pan, $18.99 on Amazon

all-edges brownie pan


Is your beloved a baker with a particular predilection for brownie edges? Then this ingenious all-edge brownie pan will be much appreciated. (And maybe they’ll share the first batch as a thank-you…)Get It

Check out our Valentine’s Day giveaway on Instagram; three lucky winners will get lots of goodies from Hotel Chocolat! And get more great Valentine’s tips, tricks, and recipes (plus other Valentine’s Day gift ideas) at our Valentine’s Day headquarters.

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