If 2016 was a cheeseburger wrapped in bacon, deep fried, thrown into the air, dunked in mayo and then washed down your gullet with a cheap beer (delicious as it may have been), 2017 is going to be clean, lean, and mean.

Granted, we’re in the thick of our New Year’s Glow, piling on the resolutions, decluttering our closets, and sweating up a storm (hello vinyasa flow), but we’re doing it because it works. You are what you eat – and we want to be tasty.

Enter 10 smoothie recipes to help you ball on a budget. The smoothies we’ve included are super easy to make (so easy, in fact, that you can make them with one eye open in the morning), and tasti-deelite-delish. With tangy, tropical, and fresh flavors, you’ll wake up your palate and kick it in high year, on the cheap.

So in 2017 go on with your bad self. Stock up on good looking fruit, buy a bag of ice, break out your blender and let the good times roll. Ain’t no shame in your blended game.

1. Healthy Blueberry Smoothie


Fresh spinach leaves, blueberries, banana, and honey – one bite and you’re on the way to a full-body reboot. Start your day with the healthy blueberry smoothie – bluebirds will be cheering you on (and/or your bodega guy will notice a change in your complexion). Get our Healthy Blueberry Smoothie recipe.

2. Tangy Banana Smoothie


Bananas are yum, tangy bananas reckon with no one. This recipe is the stuff of dreams – milky, nutmeg, vitamin-infused goodness. Uh huh honey. Get our Tangy Banana Smoothie recipe.

3. Orange Julius Smoothie

Add a shot of saturated color & citrus to your morning routine with the Orange Julius smoothie. Riffing on an Americana classic, this is tasty as it is technicolor. Get our Orange Julius recipe.

4. Acai Blueberry Smoothie


Acai is a bonafied superfood – rich with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Blend it into mango juice, agave nectar and fruits for a breakfast that’ll have you sailing into the office. Get our Acai Blueberry Smoothie recipe.

5. “Pina Colada” Smoothie

Simple Green Smoothies

This smoothie is ethereally green and tastes like a dreeeam. This recipe combines spinach, coconut milk, and pineapple for a virtual vacation. The recipe here.

6. Banana Mango Green Smoothie

Mother Thyme

4 ingredients, healthy, green. Gotta love it. Enjoy this after a morning gym session or leafing through emails before work; it’s refreshing any way you enjoy it. Get the recipe here.

7. Coconut Banana Kale Smoothie

Ilona's Passion

The coconut banana kale smoothie – or CBK to those who love it. It’s crisp, fibrous and easy to make for a 10 minute smoothie that’ll get your mojo bumping. Get the recipe here.

8. Banana Chai Smoothie

Whole Food Simply

Ditch the overpriced chai latte. The banana chai smoothie’s cloves and ginger give this recipe a spicy kick, not to mention it’s mad good for ya. Get the recipe here.

9. Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie

Almond milk, almond butter, strawberries, heavenly flavor. This smoothie is clean, sweet, and delicious going down the chute. Get the recipe here.

10. Tropical Watermelon Smoothie

Hello Glow

In the dead of winter, it’s time to go tropical. Pineapple, watermelon, mango, crushed with ice, and enjoyed with your favorite book. It’s easy like Sunday morning and just as soothing. Get the recipe here.

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