As we kick off 2017 (goodbye, 2016, ya bish!), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw a winter fiesta. I can’t say that I truly love New Year’s Eve (does anyone?), but I can get down with hosting a cozy lowbrow/highbrow feast that demands tacos accompanied by champagne. Who wouldn’t want to melt away their winter blues with delicious meat to kiss the cold goodbye before sailing into the spring?

For your winter shindig (cue the 90s hip hop, bad shoe decisions and Veuve Clicquot shoved into your tiny NY fridge), I suggest a taco fiesta.

Why tacos? 1) They’re tasty 2) They’re a cinch to make 3) They’re easy on the stomach, and very importantly after all of that holiday spending, they’re cheap!

Easy-going dinner parties – and I think Julia Child would agree with me on this – is not the moment to pilot a seafood paella, roast chicken, or butternut squash soup. Save the impressive, perhaps too aggressive, and deeply involved recipes for your intimate cooking affairs where you play Etta James in the background.

For a simple, but satisfying winter party, do it quick and dirty. Convert your coffee table into a buffet and cook up some rice, beans, grilled onions, and poblano peppers, and throw in a signature drink with the buzzy beauty of a celebratory sparkler. We love a good mix of casual with fancy, and champagne is great paired with the rich flavors of tacos stuffed with stewed meats.

Here are a few recipes to set your dinner party offffff:

Chipotle Beef Tacos


Warm corn tortillas, seared chipotle beef, grilled onions and your favorite hot sauce – a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Get our Chipotle Beef Tacos recipe.


Deep Fried Tacos

Throw ’em a curveball with deep fried tacos. Crispy, searing hot and overflowing with Mexican cheese – these are a novelty and they’re going fast. Get our Deep Fried Tacos recipe.

Green Chile Soft Tacos

Poblano chiles, lime juice, and succulent chicken will kick your buffet into high gear. Best accompanied by a sip of champagne and random conversation with your friend’s awkward date. Get our Green Chile Soft Tacos recipe.

Head image: Cauliflower Tacos from Chowhound

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