Nuts can be an expensive purchase, but there are some good buys out there.

Middle Eastern groceries are good places to look. Co-ops tend to have fairly priced nuts, too.

Going to the source is a good idea, for very fresh nuts.

Nuts in the shell will stay fresh a long time; of course you’ll need to shell them to use them.

For pecans, try the Pecan House.

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, they have great prices on nuts, especially cashews. Check out their cashew halves and pieces at $3.19/pound, says Ike.

Food clubs, like Costco and Sam’s, sell in large quantities, but it works out to a very good price. Preserve nuts by freezing.

For delicious Turkish pistachios, Zenobia is an excellent online source. They’re not cheap, but the prices include shipping.

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