Not only don’t I bake, but I absolutely don’t spend time thinking about how I would effectively transfer said baked goods, were they to be miraculously made by me and considered suitable for human consumption. HOWEVER …

Catching up on Rachael Ray’s talk show (the initial sickness is quickly spreading out of control), I saw something that actually sent me thumbing through my dusty baking cookbooks looking for cupcake recipes.

On the Rachael Ray show in question, Jenna Fischer—the actress behind cute and complicated Pam Beasely on the insanely hysterical television show The Office—was Rachael’s honored guest, and she presented La Ray with the Cupcake Courier! Go ahead, click through. I’ll wait.

Invented by Fischer’s friend Jennifer Gunn (mother of two and apparent cupcake machine), this ingenious device allows you to safely transport not one, not two, but THREE DOZEN CUPCAKES! Lest you think I’ve been brainwashed by Rachael Ray’s hypnotically maniacal laugh, check out what a few others in the blogosphere are saying about the Cupcake Courier:

Olivia Wagner Photography exclaims:

How genius! I’m a total baker and this would be an awesome thing to have. Up until now, I put cupcakes in a cake pan with a lid to transport them but they always end up getting smushed into each other.

Just My Cup of Tea blog thinks it’s “super cool,” and BitterSweet blog announces:

… the largest (Not to mention prettiest) cupcake carrier to be found, online or real life. Brand new and straight out of the box, this baby practically glowed before my very eyes, convincing me that it was imperative to whip up three dozen cupcakes as soon as possible to give it a little test run.

Even The Washington Post got in on the drool.

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