To follow up one bit of tastelessness with even more tastelessness, I can now update my previous post in which I wondered about Saddam Hussein’s last meal. is the English-language sister site to Ynet, Israel’s leading news site, and they reported that Saddam liked to eat hamburgers and fries, and deliberately chose Western fare during his last days.

However, the site Dead Man Eating had a different menu recorded:

Hussein had a final meal request of boiled chicken and rice. With the food he drank several cups of hot water laced with honey. It was a drink which dated back to his childhood.

Slight difference of opinion between those two.

Speaking of Dead Man Eating, back in December, Mike Randleman, the creator of the last-meals site, came on KCRW’s radio show Good Food to talk about his website. During the interview, Mike revealed an intensely poignant last-meal request he discovered in his research. Ohio inmate Robert Buell’s only request for food on his last night on this earth was a single black olive with the pit intact. Upon further research, Randleman discovered that Buell was honoring Victor Ferguer, the last person executed by the federal government until Timothy McViegh. Ferguer had requested an unpitted olive before his execution in 1963 because, as Ferguer told prison officials, it was his hope that when his body decomposed, an olive tree would sprout and grow as a sign of peace.

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