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No matter where you are in the USA, a great burger and a cold beer are never far away. The combo is so American, it should be declared our national meal. Is there anything that says life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness like flipping patties on the grill with a cold one at your side?

Even if burgers and beer are one of life’s simple pleasures, building the perfect beef-and-brew combo isn’t always a simple affair. There are so many burger toppings to choose from, from your standby yellow cheese to far-fetched sauces like Sriracha-cilantro mayo. Plus, you’ve got to consider the many different styles of beer out there. That begs one question: Which burger with which beer?

Keep the pairing classic. Pick a well-balanced beer that complements your perfectly stacked burger. Is your beef patty charred and smoky with flavor-packed accoutrements like caramelized onions and bleu cheese? Then you want to make sure to add tangy, pickled red onions to balance out the other sweet and savory toppings. Same philosophy should be applied to picking out your beer. The perfect burger calls for a worthy beverage that can stand up to the richness of the dish with fresh flavors.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic American lager, like Budweiser. Its aromatic hops give it a distinctive body that holds up against the big flavor of beef. Grains like barley malt and rice lend it a lightness and crispness that’s perfect for those moments when your jalapeño burger packs more heat than you expected. And Budweiser’s 30-day beechwood aging process also allows it to develop just the right amount of complexity, which can help play up the smoke of the grill or the savoriness of toppings like bacon.

And because Budweiser never met a burger that it didn’t like, we’re sharing our 10 favorite recipes that every burger-meister and beer lover should know. From classic cheeseburgers to fiery-hot chorizo bombs, make sure to keep your napkins close and your beer even closer as you chomp your way through these bad boys.

Chowhound’s 10 Favorite Burger Recipes

1. Perfect Cheeseburger


Everyone should have a classic burger recipe under their belts (to pair with a classic beer!). Our recipe pays extra attention to the technique, ensuring that the patties are well-seasoned and delectably juicy. Get our Perfect Cheeseburger recipe.

2. Meatloaf Burgers


Meatloaf burgers are more than just a way to marrying two comfort-food classics. The addition of ingredients like ground pork and breadcrumbs gives you some wiggle room, making them almost impossible to overcook. Get our Meatloaf Burgers recipe.

3. Black Jack Burger


Although “black jack” brings to mind games of chance, this burger relies on two surefire flavor-boosting ingredients: a swipe of briny, salty black olive tapenade, along with a melty slice of Monterey jack cheese. Get our Black Jack Burger recipe.

4. Juicy Lucy Burger


Make sure you have some fries on your plate to catch the cheesy goodness that oozes out of the Juicy Lucy with every bite. Stuffed with American and amped up by Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder, this is a burger that likes to live large. Get our Juicy Lucy Burgers recipe.

5. Bacon Cheeseburgers


Anyone can put a slice of bacon on a cheeseburger, but not everyone knows that for the ultimate in porky flavor, you’ve gotta cook your patty in the bacon drippings, too. Make sure to break out your smokiest stuff for this one—that extra oomph will taste even better with the beechwood-aged flavor of Budweiser. Get our Bacon Cheeseburger recipe.

6. Kimchi Chicken Burgers


Mild chicken calls for some full-flavored, in-your-face accompaniments to give it the personality it needs. Enter kimchi, which provides a jolt of spicy fermented funk. You’ll want a cold brew to temper the heat from this one. Get our Kimchi Chicken Burgers recipe.

7. Guacamole Turkey Burgers


Chili powder, lime zest, and cilantro are blended right into the meat of these burgers, turning boring turkey into something bombastic. Topped off with chunky guacamole, they’re a fiesta between the two sides of a bun. Get our Guacamole Turkey Burgers recipe.

8. Chipotle-Bacon Turkey Burgers


Most turkey burgers lack flavor, except when they’ve got umami-packing anchovies and soy sauce mixed into the meat, like these. Top ‘em off with chipotle ketchup and slices of bacon and pat yourself on the back for turning turkey into something tasty. Get our Chipotle-Bacon Turkey Burgers recipe.

9. Pork and Chorizo Chile Burger


Ever been forced to choose between burgers and tacos? It’s a tough decision, we know. Get the best of both worlds with these chorizo-spiced burgers that are topped with roasted chiles and avocado. Get our Pork and Chorizo Chile Burger recipe.

10. Bison Burger with Mushrooms and Spring Onions


These lean bison burgers get a boost from egg and Worcestershire, which add big flavor. Topped off with wild mushrooms and charred spring onions, this recipe is basically a forager’s dream on a plate. Those earthy flavors will really shine through when you pair them with the distinctive hops in Budweiser. Get our Bison Burger with Mushrooms and Spring Onions recipe.

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