January has brought a chill to lots of the country—even California!—and newspapers are breaking out the warming winter-soup recipes.

The Seattle Times takes classic chicken soup around the world with variations like Peruvian chicken soup with cashews and Burmese chicken-coconut soup.

In the upper Midwest, where the dark and cold are extreme, they don’t fool around. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune goes straight for the comfort-carbs jugular with recipes for a bacon-laced “Good Ole Potato Soup.” Meanwhile, even single diners need some warmth, so Detroit’s “Cooking for One” columnist, Curtrise Garner, whips up a batch of corn chowder that “allows [her] to snuggle on the couch, eat this simple but filling dish and fall fast asleep while watching reruns.” Sounds like a perfect way to hibernate the winter blues away.

And then there’s Florida. It may occasionally get cold enough to break out the smudge pots there, but judging from the Miami Herald’s recipe for an abomination called pizza soup, they don’t quite have the soup thing down yet.

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