The arrival of 4705, the Year of the Pig, is on its way, and China is celebrating with mouth-watering scratch-’n’-sniff postage stamps. Scratch the cute, chubby pig on the front, and you’ll get a wave of sweet-and-sour pork aroma.

OK, that’s tasty, but not exactly news; Britain’s Royal Mail introduced a eucalyptus-scented stamp way back in 2001. Last year, Australia offered a rose-scented stamp for Valentine’s Day, while Switzerland did chocolate and Hong Kong green tea.

What’s truly brilliant about the Chinese promotion comes on the flip side. Lick the stamp to stick it, and you’ll actually taste that same sweet-and-sour pork—or a chemical facsimile thereof, since gluing an actual piece of pork to each stamp would be, you know, messy. Not to mention lumpy.

Alas, the stamps are only available in China, where they’ll be for sale starting on February 18 to herald the arrival of the Lunar New Year. If you’re heading to China soon, enjoy them; we don’t think 4706, the Year of the Rat, will get the same treatment.

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