It’s a delicious Mexican custom to serve cool fruit with a squeeze of citrus juice and a sprinkle of chile powder. Street carts selling bags of sliced fruit this way are ubiquitous in cities with large Mexican-American populations, but chilied fruits are dead easy to make in your own home. The most common fruits served this way are tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, coconut) and watermelon, along with the occasional cucumber or jicama. Jicama’s a must for refreshing the tastebuds, says Dommy, who also recommends mixing a bit of orange juice with the more common lime. Just choose your favorite fruits, squeeze a bit of lime or lime and and orange over, and sprinkle with the right kind of chile powder. There are several types and brands, easily found at Mexican markets; the label will usually say “para frutas” and have a picture of fruit. You can also order online.

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