No snack has inspired as much passion and ambivalence as kale chips. You either like them or think you’ll hate them and, after tasting a well-made batch with proper seasoning, get nudged into the first category. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve tasted our share of odd, non-crispy, and aggressively seasoned kale chips. That’s where these 7 recipes come in—we guarantee they will inspire no ambivalence, only satisfied snacking.

1. Baked Kale Chips


It’s hard to resist the deliciousness of these healthy, crispy chips. They’re subtly spicy thanks to togarashi powder (togarashi is a Japanese mixture of spices that varies but always contains chiles). Once you start snacking, it’s hard to stop. Get our Baked Kale Chips recipe.

2. Toasted Sesame Kale Chips


Toasted sesame and a touch of soy sauce give this healthy snack an Asian twist. The amount of oil is relatively low—vegetable oil and toasted sesame oil combine with soy sauce and sesame seeds. Get our Toasted Sesame Kale Chips recipe.

3. Salt and Pepper Kale Chips


Healthy, crispy kale chips are so good that you don’t really need to do much to make them delicious, as evidenced by this recipe. Just a sprinkle of salt and pepper and we could eat them all without even realizing what happened. Get our Salt and Pepper Kale Chips recipe.

4. Spicy Garlic Kale Chips

Catch My Party

Olive oil, salt, and chile powder. These are the easiest (which usually translates to healthiest) kale chip recipe you’ll ever make. Get Catch My Party’s Spicy Garlic Kale Chips recipe.

5. Nacho Kale Chips

Health Starts In the Kitchen

You’ll need a dehydrator for this high-flavor vegan recipe that proves how versatile kale chips are. Blend up a healthy “nacho cheese” mixture of cashews, red pepper, nutritional yeast, emon juice, garlic, and other ingredients, then coat the leaves and dry them. Get Health Starts in the Kitchen’s Nacho Kale Chips recipe.

6. Raw Vegan Cool Ranch Kale Chips


“Everybody and their brother is busy making kale chips these days,” writes the Inphyusion blog, “and cool ranch kale chips will not disappoint your taste buds…. These raw vegan cool ranch kale chips are a dairy-free, superfood snack you will be able to overindulge in and not feel any amount of remorse.” Get Inphyusion’s Raw Vegan Cool Ranch Kale Chips recipe.

7. Crispy Lemon Pepper Kale Chips

Lean It Up

You can sate your snack tooth in 20 minutes or less with this classically simple and completely healthy recipe. A little olive oil, some lemon juices, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper—these are not only easy, they have a delicious flavor profile. Get Bryan DiSanto’s Crispy Lemon Pepper Kale Chips recipe.

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