The opening of Perilla, last year’s Top Chef winner’s new restaurant, seems to be stalled for the moment, but Harold Dieterle is trying to keep his name alive by blogging about the second season of Top Chef on His recent post (“Why All the Hate?”), which threw all kinds of support Marcel’s way after the Seven Deadly Sins challenge, just proved what a gosh-darned nice guy he is. However, it also provoked this tongue-in-cheek response about his bathroom behavior in New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer.

Last year’s Top Chef runner-up, Tiffani Faison, spent her summer cooking at Straight Wharf on Nantucket, but has now moved down south to New Orleans, where she was named executive chef at Todd English’s Riche. (My Lord, how many restaurants does that guy have?!)

Tiffani also checked in with the blog Top Chef 2: They Cook. We Dish, where she talks about how Spain and Japan excite her and how she’s really into local New Orleans ingredients, like espelette pepper and artisanal sausages. The interview then turned to the topic of Bravo’s creative editing procedures.

BS: Bravo seems to have success with editing their programs to reflect the Hero/Villain/Clown trilogy, and Top Chef is no exception. What ended up on the editing room floor that you would have really liked for viewers to see?

TF: The amount of compliments I dished out to the other cast members in my interviews ended up on the floor. There were some people that I really liked and respected.

Those compliments must’ve ended up on the cutting room floor of those cast members’ brains as well.

And finally, posters on the Television Without Pity Top Chef discussion forums called my attention to this Top Chef–themed Kevin & Kell strip by cartoonist Bill Holbrook.

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