At Peruvian Kitchen, not only can you get the usual ceviche and stir-fries of Lima, you can also get beef or chicken hearts as an appetizer. The thinly sliced beef hearts, marinated in vinegar with garlic and chiles, are delicious, and hardly gamy at all, says Chubbypanda. Texture-wise, it’s almost like biting into a slice of filet–a very tender and yet slightly crunchy filet.

Potatoes a la huancaina, or in the style of Huancayo, the capital of the central highlands, are boiled and smothered in a creamy, spicy cheese sauce spiked with olives and chiles. But yuca a la huancaina ups the ante, with stuffed balls of mashed yuca stuffed with cheese before being boiled and covered with the cheese sauce. It’s like a very refined (but more filling) version of nachos.

Arroz con pollo involves braising tender chunks of chicken with rice, tomatoes, saffron, vegetables and enough chopped cilantro to choke a cow. Each bite fills your mouth with chickeny goodness–the chicken pieces themselves just seem like an extra.

Lomo saltado is stir-fried beef, tomato, and French fries, served over rice. It never fails to satisfy.

Tiradito al aji, a kind of spicy ceviche with chile peppers and ginger, is tasty and surprisingly subtle. You can also get it as an entrée (listed as tiradito mancora).

Snapper ceviche is less successful, though–the pieces of fish are just too big, making them hard to chew, while the marinade is a bit too strong.

And for a lover of starch-on-starch action like Chubbypanda, tacu-tacu can raise some…interesting emotions. “Here’s a platter just disturbingly sexy in a drunken, one-night-stand-with-someone-you-know-is-never-going-to-call-you-back sort of way. At the base is a mound of refried beans and white rice, which have been stir-fried together. That’s right. Together. In a sinfully hedonistic, crispy on the outside, creamy with al dente bits on the inside, patty of delectable, heart-clogging delight. On top of that, a perfectly seasoned and grilled country steak full of juicy and flavorful beefy goodness. To either side, two long halves of fried plantain with their rich, crunchy sweetness. Add one egg, sunny-side up, so that when your fork pieces the delicate yolk, the golden nectar within runs out and over the entire, sensually voluptuous experience.”

Peruvian Kitchen [South OC]
8610 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley

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