Outside Mexico, the classic green poblano stuffed, dipped in batter, and fried is what we think of when we talk about chiles rellenos. In Mexico, of course, there are many regional variations, and —here at home—there are scores of adaptations. Here are 7 recipes we think our outstanding, either for their adherence to tradition or their shunning of it altogether. Enjoy!

1. Chiles Rellenos


We think of this as a foundation recipe for a Mexican classic. Chiles rellenos fillings can range from ground or stewed meats to a medley of vegetables, but this recipe sticks to classic cheese. Get our Chiles Rellenos recipe.

2. Chiles Rellenos Strata


One of our favorite prep-ahead brunch entrees is a twist on the chile relleno: sourdough bread, eggs, sour cream, and chiles, assembled savory bread-pudding-style and baked. With good coffee and fruit salad, brunch is done. Get our Chiles Rellenos Strata recipe.

3. Ramen Chiles Rellenos


Purists, don’t hate! Simply boil instant ramen noodles, then mix with Jack cheese, bacon, and mushrooms, and stuff away. Since the starchy element (the ramen) is already inside the peppers, you can bypass dipping the stuffed chiles in batter and frying. Just bake and enjoy. Get our Ramen Chiles Rellenos recipe.

4. Bacon-Chile Rellenos


Technically, these have more in common with jalapeño poppers than chiles rellenos, but we’re not quibbling, expecially when the results are kin of irresistible to scoop up off a coffee table hors d’oeuvre platter. Using premade salsa makes these quick and easy, too. Get Pillsbury’s Bacon-Chile Rellenos recipe.

5. Ancho Chile Rellenos

The Masa Assassin

“There are many regional variances on this popular dish,” writes blogger Masa Assassin. Jalapeno, manzano, dried pasado, pasilla de Oaxaca, and chili ancho take your pick. Although I’m a big fan of the battered poblano recipe I wanted to try something different with the poblanos dried cousin the chile ancho.” Get Masa Assassin’s Ancho Chile Rellenos recipe.

6. Chile Relleno Casserole


This great-tasting party dish layers roasted and peeled poblano peppers, tomato sauce, and a type of flat omelet. The results taste wonderfully authentic, and come with a bonus: It’s naturally low in carbs. Get Foodal’s Chile Relleno Casserole recipe.

7. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chiles

Oh, Bite It!

Another delicious loose interpretation. Shredded chicken breast, cream cheese, pepper Jack, and chili powder are stuffed into fresh Anaheim peppers, wrapped in bacon. Some twists actually reinterpret an original in a way that makes them keepers. Get Oh, Bite It!’s Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chiles recipe.

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