Get lots of wine headaches? There may be other causes, besides hangovers.

Possible culprits include tannins, sulfites, and histimines. Says zin1953, in his experience, the problems tend to be sulfites in white wines, and histimines in red wines. But you have to experiment on yourself to figure out what’s going on, says Robert Lauriston. If it’s tannins, you’ll also get headaches from strong tea. If it’s sulfites, then cured meats should also give you headaches. And if it’s histimines, then you should also get headaches from strawberries.

If you figure out what you’re reacting to in particular, you can do all sorts of things to control for it–like looking for low-sulfite wines, or searching out older wines. Check out these articles on allergic reactions to wine and on additives in organic wines.

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Wine and Headaches

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