The peanut butter that seems to inspire the most fanatical enthusiasm and energy is Teddie’s. This is sort of a New England secret–it’s made in Boston, there are no advertisements for it, and it is absolutely delicious. It’s the “the pride of New England: Teddie’s unsalted, all-natural super chunky,” says Harp00n. It’s also sold in some groceries in the Northeast outside New England.

This is unhomogenized, no trans-fat, no salt, no sugar peanut butter. It may be a little austere for those used to the sugary, trans-fatty variety, says cheryl_h, but for the hardcore peanutophile, it’s the closest thing you can get to making peanut butter yourself. It’s peanut butter perfection, says curiousbaker. And you don’t have to store it in the fridge, either.

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester recommends a boutique brand called PB Loco. They have ridiculous gourmet flavors (peanut butter with dried apricots) and ridiculous prices ($7 a jar), but man, is it ever worth it. It’s an Arizona thang, but you can order it online.

Whole Foods lets you grind your own peanut butter, even from honey roasted peanuts. This is the favorite peanut butter of many a hound. lvecch used to work in a Whole Foods, and he thinks the secret is the Valencia peanuts. When they occasionally stop using Valencia’s, the peanut butter loses its magic.

chowser recommends Marantha, available from Whole Foods and other natural food type stores. It’s the texture that really sets Marantha apart, says bdinah. Also try Marantha Raw Organic Almond Butter. Crazy Richards brand is pretty good, too.

Many like something called Real PB. It’s in the refrigerator section.

For regular supermarket brands, PaulF likes Laura Scudder’s. It’s nothing but peanuts and salt. The only better generally available brand is the Trader Joe’s in-house brand, which, while it’s also nothing but peanuts and salt, doesn’t require the same stirring and mixing that Laura Scudder’s does.

Some like Peanut Butter & Co’s Crunch Time, another all-natural brand found in Whole Foods and some local grocery stores. They also have neato non-standard flavors, like an addictively good cinnamon-raisin peanut butter.

Many still like your basic Jif. Regular Jif consumers ought to give Simply Jif a try–it’s just like regular Jif, but with less sugar and salt. It’s got a purer peanut flavor. Many, many hounds love Simply Jif without apology.

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