Tzatziki is a staple sold in most supermarkets and restaurants in Greece. It’s typically made by combining Greek yogurt, garlic, cucumbers, olive oil and dill, mint, or parsley. Greeks use tzatziki the way Americans use ketchup. So why should we miss out on all the fun…not to mention tasty recipes! Here are some delicious, and unexpected, ways to take tzatziki to the top of your culinary list!

1. Add it to burgers

Move over ketchup, there’s a new condiment in town! For a fresh twist on an American classic try lamb, beef or even salmon burgers topped with a little tzatziki. This makes the perfect condiment for the final bar-b-que of the summer! Get our Traditional Tzatziki Sauce recipe.

2. Liven up your pan-fried chicken

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One of the biggest struggles with cooking a chicken breast is keeping the meat moist and flavorful. Chicken dishes often end up tasting drab. Try giving your chicken dinner a makeover with a side of tangy tzatziki. The cool yogurt, fragrant with garlic and mint, will make the perfect accompaniment to a pan seared chicken breast. Get the recipe here.

3. Try dipping it with dim sum

Give this Mediterranean classic an Asian twist by following chef Mike Sheerin’s lead. Stuff wonton wrappers with lamb and spices to create lamb gyro dumplings. Use the tzatziki as a flavorful dipping sauce for the dumplings. This recipe is perfect for potlucks and parties. One bite and all the guests will be talking about this dish! Get the recipe here.

4. Drizzle it on salads


For a lively twist to your next salad, try topping it with tzatziki instead of salad dressing. Protein packed Greek yogurt makes tzatziki a healthy addition, with a flavor that can even rival ranch. So with your next salad, go Greek! Get the recipe here.

5. Hit the streets


From gyros to falafels, tzatziki tastes fabulous with a variety of street foods. So next time you spot that food truck don’t forget to order up a side of tzatziki. Get the recipe here.

Marisa Churchill is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, as well as a certified nutritionist. She has worked in many notable San Francisco restaurants. She is the host of My Sweet & Skinny Life, and author of the Sweet & Skinny cookbooks. She was a competitor on season 2 of Top Chef. Her work has also been featured on the Food Network, The Talk on CBS,, Food & Wine, and more!
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