If Weather.com is to be believed, winter’s about to toughen up and land a body blow. And if that’s the case, we need calories. And what better way to gain weight and celebrate winter than drinking winter beers?

Therefore, it seems appropriate that imbibe presents a kick-ass assortment of 25 great winter beers in its January/February edition.

Other than the crooked stacking of the tasting panel (two people from the Pacific Northwest and no one from the bountiful brewing heartland of the upper Midwest?!), there’s little to complain about in imbibe’s far-reaching survey. Exotic choices from Belgium and Austria sit shoulder-to-shoulder with native stalwarts from breweries such as Anchor and Rogue.

My personal favorite is the pleasingly complex, 10 percent ABV, pomegranate-laced flavor of He’Brew’s Genesis 10:10, brought to us by the folks at Schmaltz Brewing Co.

The panel’s number one pick? Appropriately enough, Alaska is represented by Alaskan Brewing Co.’s Smoked Porter, “a rich and complex beer that stands up to many years of aging … after six or seven years, the smoke fades into the background and the delicious, roasty malt flavor shines through.”

Kinda makes you want to grab a toboggan and head north.

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