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Ice cream is everywhere in the summer, but there are so many sweeter ways to chill out. We like to get creative with our frozen desserts. Think outside the cone and try these 9 ways to stay cool with your sweets.

1. Mango and Cayenne Paletas


A dash of cayenne kicks up the heat in these dairy-free mango popsicles. Make a batch in advance and grab one whenever you need a sweet treat – or to cool down on a hot day. Get our Mango and Cayenne Paletas recipe.

2. Mango-Raspberry Vegan Shake


Soy milk makes this vegan shake extra creamy, and toasted coconut gives it a nutty flavor. It tastes indulgent but also light, and makes excellent use of summer fruit. Get our Mango-Raspberry Vegan Shake recipe.

3. Peaches ‘n’ Cream Ice Pops


This twist on a Creamsicle swaps peaches for oranges. It’s just as creamy and sweet as the original, but with a sophisticated, more mellow fruit flavor. Mascarpone cheese makes the popsicles exceptionally rich – just what we want to kick back with on a warm afternoon. Get our Peaches ‘n’ Cream Ice Pops recipe.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Raspberry Sorbet Bars


Anything dipped in chocolate is going to taste good. These bars start with a tart raspberry sorbet and get coated in bittersweet chocolate. It’s a seriously elegant dessert for an adult palate – not too sweet with a major dose of fruit. Get our Chocolate-Dipped Raspberry Sorbet Bars recipe.

5. Pistachio-Strawberry Ice Cream Cake


Ice cream cake is one of the world’s best inventions. This recipe stacks pistachio, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream on a crunchy vanilla cookie base. It’s almost impossible to just have one slice. Get our Pistachio-Strawberry Ice Cream Cake recipe.

6. Honeydew Melon Ice Pops


All the flavor of melon is packed into a creamy, sweet popsicle. With just four ingredients, this recipe couldn’t be easier to make. That means you can make a batch every few days – because that’s as long as they’ll last. Get our Honeydew Melon Ice Pops recipe.

7. Chocolate-Dipped Cookies and Cream Bars


Vanilla ice cream is a perfect blank canvas for decadent mix-ins. In this simple recipe, you fold crushed chocolate sandwich cookies into ice cream and then dip it in a chocolate coating. Chocolate on chocolate? We’re happy campers. Get our Chocolate-Dipped Cookies and Cream Bars recipe.

8. Butterscotch Pudding Pops


Pudding is pretty fantastic on its own, but it’s even more delicious in frozen form. Use gelatin to make your creamy, nutty butterscotch pudding then freeze it for a cool dessert that puts regular popsicles to shame. Get our Butterscotch Pudding Pops recipe.

9. Chai Frozen Milkshakes


Chai lovers, listen up. This easy and quick milkshake highlights the creamy spices in a cold glass. Start by steeping chai tea bags and add peppercorns and ginger for an extra boost of flavor. Get our Chai Frozen Milkshakes recipe.

Posie Harwood is a New York City-based writer and photographer. She grew up on a farm and likes raw milk, warm bread with butter, and plenty of fresh air. Follow her on Instagram, and her blog 600 Acres.
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