The relationship between food and health has been examined ad nauseum. But over on, writer Mike Stuckey offers a personal take on the connection, with a bi-weekly series inspired by his recent medical diagnosis: prostate cancer.

This week’s installment of “Low Blow” (“A chowhound takes charge of cancer with food”) looks at the total overhaul that Stuckey made to his diet. Among the things he must surrender are: “The mellifluous harmonies of meat, cheese, salt, hydrogenated oil and MSG that make taste buds sing like Oliver Twist in the workhouse. Fried chicken and New York steaks! Gorgonzola and camembert! Pizza! Prime rib! Biscuits and gravy! Nacho cheese chips! And downfall of all downfalls: sausage!”

The story, unfortunately, is better at elaborating what Stuckey is giving up than the joys of organic healthy eating; a convincingly delicious recipe or two would have gone a long way on this front. Regardless, the piece manages to be both sobering and entertaining, a balance that’s hard to strike even under the best of circumstances.

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