The answer to this puzzle is mostly that there is no answer to this puzzle. Two-foot long spaghetti is how it used to be made; in fact, most old Italian grandma types would break the spaghetti in half before boiling it. So, basically, you end up with stuff exactly the same length as your normal spaghetti. The presence of super-long spaghetti on the current market is mostly a marketing gimmick, playing on the traditional appearance of the long stuff.

But our Chowhounds have thought of some unique uses for it:

1. You can use it for Chinese food. A long noodle traditionally represents long life. There’s a shop in Shanghai that makes a birthday noodle that’s as many meters long as noodle’s recipient is old. The longest they’ve ever made is a seventy meter noodle!

2. You can just cook it super long, for extra-fork-twirling action. You can get it into a normal stock-put–just put half of the noodle in, wait for it to soften, and push gently down to get the rest of the noodle in. Reports BellaDonna, unbroken super-long spaghetti is a little harder to eat, and the sauce sticks to it a little better.

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