When you buy oranges labelled “juicing oranges”, they’re typically Valencias, explains Brandon Nelson, but during the winter months, sometimes they’re Texas Hamlins. Most people can’t tell the difference between the two varieties, he says, but to his palate, the Hamlins are a little sweeter, lighter, and smoother. His personal favorite juice is a fifty-fifty mix of Hamlins and tangerines.

Many like juicing blood oranges for cocktails. They’ve got a great color, and a stronger tang than other oranges, says Pei, so they’ll stand up to your expensive liquor. Tangerines also work well in cocktails.

Veggo says that the most delicious, sweetest, juiciest citrus product he can buy in Florida is the honey bell. It’s a grafted cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, but it really just looks like a big orange. It’s incredibly sweet and it yields ridiculous amounts of juice. It has a super-short season (basically, December and January), and the squeezed juice has a very short shelf life, so it’s little known outside of Florida. But you can call Veggo’s local grower–Citrus Ranch in Palmetto, Florida, at 941-723-0504, and have some shipped. “Make a batch of screwdrivers with fresh-squeezed honey bells and the women will never leave your side and the men will repay all the money they ever owed you.”

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