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Not many desserts scream summer as loud as an amazing peach pie. Perfectly ripe peaches (or canned, if you’re in a pinch) are a great fit for a buttery pie crust. Check out these 11 recipes for beautiful peach pies that are an amazing finale to any summer gathering.

1. Peach Melba Pie


A classic dessert, but even classics can be improved upon. Here, raspberries, peaches, and vanilla are loaded into a crumbly pie crust, topped with oatmeal–brown sugar streusel, and baked up for a hot mess of a dessert. Get our Peach Melba Pie recipe.

2. Lattice Top Peach Pie

Fine Cooking

A traditional take on peach pie, this lattice top begs for a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream to be served on top. You can even make this pie in advance and freeze until needed. Get the recipe here.

3. Peach Pie with Pecan Streusel

Pecan streusel adds a homey and tasty touch – combine flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, butter, and pecans for a crunchy streusel that tops the peach pie. Add vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a deal. Get our Peach Pie with Pecan Streusel recipe.

4. Maple Bourbon Brown Butter Peach Pie

Host the Toast

Bourbon and maple syrup are added into the peach filling along with allspice, and cinnamon along with some brown butter. After a few minutes of cooking, these blend together to make a smooth caramel-like filling that tastes great with whipped cream or crème fraiche. Get the recipe here.

5. Peach Pie with Candied Rosemary

Get In My Mouf

Candied rosemary adds a refreshing herbal flavor to this peach pie. Start by boiling water and sugar together until a thick syrup forms and then dip whole sprig of rosemary into the mixture. Dry on parchment and then use as a garnish, sprinkling some on each individual slice of pie. Get the recipe here.

6. Deep Dish Blackberry Peach Double Crust Pie

Four cups of fresh blackberries are combined with fresh peaches, sugar, nutmeg, lemon juice, lemon zest for a pie that is undeniably summery. As good as this pie is for dessert, you can also have a small slice for breakfast topped with some Greek yogurt. Get our Deep Dish Blackberry Peach Double Crust Pie recipe.

7. Blueberry Peach Pie

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Blueberries and peaches meld together in this pie to make a beautiful light purple hue that tastes even better than it looks. Season with allspice and cinnamon and if you can’t figure out the lattice crust feel free to substitute with a traditional top crust. Get the recipe here.

8. Peach Crumble Pie

Brown Eyed Baker

The crumb topping on this pie makes it almost like a peach crumble. Mix together old-fashioned oats, flour, sugar, and butter for the topping and sprinkle liberally on top of the pie filling before putting in the oven. Get the recipe here.

9. Peach Puzzle

Serious Eats

This is a truly unusual recipe that is a real showstopper if you can get it right. Six or seven whole peaches are placed in a pie plate around an inverted teacup or ramekin. Lay a piecrust on top of the peaches and through the magic of science when you invert the dish the peaches will be perfectly cooked and the ramekin will be full of the butter and sugar mixture you doused the fruit in. Get the recipe here.

10. Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

Smitten Kitchen

The only thing better than bourbon peach pie is a mini bourbon peach pie that you can pack for a picnic or grab on the go. Sour cream piecrust is especially rich and flakey and this is a great choice for crust lovers who prefer a higher crust-to-filling ratio. Get the recipe here.

11. Peach Cream Pie Recipe


This raw peach cream pie has so many healthy ingredients in it that it can hardly be called dessert. Raw cashews, honey, lemons, coconut cream, vanilla, water, salt, and fresh peaches are thrown together in a blender and then poured into the crust. Freeze until firm. Get the recipe here.

12. Peach Walnut Pie

An old-fashioned recipe that’s fairly unusual, the filling of this pie is a mixture of eggs, water, sugar, butter, lemon juice, walnuts, and a little bit of salt. Top the cooked pie with the peaches and serve warm. Get the recipe here.

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