When the temperature rises, you need something cool and sweet to regulate your own personal heat index. We’ve rounded up an even dozen creative confections to help you chill with style, from a delicious paleta recipe, through a tone of milk shakes (boozy and not), and one lower-in-fat almond ice milk.

1. Mango and Cayenne Paletas


These dairy-free paletas celebrate the sweetness of fresh mangoes, with a little kick of cayenne added in. Get our Mango and Cayenne Paletas recipe.

2. Drumstick Milk Shake


This tall, frosty classic vanilla ice cream, peanut, and chocolate cone Drumstick-in-a-glass is milk shake bliss. Get our Drumstick Milk Shake recipe.

3. Chocolate Malted Milk Shake


A chocolate milk shake enriched with Ovaltine. The soda fountain classic gets even more malt flavor by swirling in crushed-up malt balls. Get our Chocolate Malted Milk Shake recipe.

4. Guinness Milk Shake


Putting together booze and a kiddie treat is counterintuitive, but malty Guinness and rich vanilla ice cream ia a dreamy, frothy, creamy combination. Get our Guinness Milk Shake recipe.

5. Dark ‘N’ Stormy Milk Shake


The Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a favorite summer cocktail but in milk shake form? Actually, it’s hardly a stretch, since rum, ginger, and lime are natruals for dessert. Get our Dark ‘N’ Stormy Milk Shake recipe.

6. Tin Roof Milk Shake


The traditional Tin Roof Sundae is vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce and Spanish peanuts. This shake captures the essence of the original. Get our Tin Roof Milk Shake recipe.

7. Bourbon Old Fashioned Milk Shake


It’s not too sweet, but that’s just fine. With lots of bourbon and orange zest coming through, and a few bits of cherries, it’s definitely not a shake for kids. Get our Bourbon Old Fashioned Milk Shake recipe.

8. Purple Cow Milk Shake


What’s a Purple Cow? In the classic soda fountain repertoire, it’s grape juice and vanilla ice cream. This shake captures the taste of a bygone era. Get our Purple Cow Milk Shake recipe.

9. Oatmeal Cookie Milk Shake


Crisp oatmeal cookies, milk, vanilla ice cream, a bit of cinnamon, and some caramel sauce re-create the classic cookie in milk shake form. Get our Oatmeal Cookie Milk Shake recipe.

10. Mud Pie Milk Shake


A Mud Pie combines coffee flavor with chocolate intensity. This shake does the same, with hot fudge sauce, chocolate wafer cookies, and whipped cream. Get our Mud Pie Milk Shake recipe.

11. Bananas Foster Milk Shake


Bananas Foster is a classic dessert for a good reason: It’s delicious. So it’s only natural that it’d be tasty as heck as a milk shake. Get our Bananas Foster Milk Shake recipe.

12. Almond Milk Ice Cream


Bananas and a touch of cocoa powder combine with almond milk to create the base for this satisfying ice cream that’s far lighter than than regular ice cream. Get the Almond Milk Ice Cream recipe.

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