Most sushi eaters are going to go with beer or sake. (The single best thing for sushi is Asahi Super Dry beer, says Steve K.) But if you want to pair with wine, go for something nice and clear. Go for light and non-oaked, says jcanncuk, and go for minerally whites over sweet ones. Ninety-nine percent of chardonnay is oaked and heavy, so avoid it. Try pinot grigio, dry or off-dry reisling, or sauvignon blanc. Some Alsacian whites, like pinot blanc, are nice, as are blends like Gentil Hugel and Alsace ONE.

The definitive approach isBruce Gutlove’s discussion. However, says carswell, the Gutlove aproach depends on pairing a wine to each type of fish, and if you’re having a whole spread of different types, as most of us do, then you’ll need four or five bottles at a time. Which probably won’t happen. The fall-back, one-size-fits-all approach: bubblies and high-acid white wines with a touch of residual sugar, like off-dry Vouvray, or German dry reisling.

Bill Hunt likes Groth Napa Sauvignon Blanc for sushi–it’s fruit-forward enough to stand up to wasabi and seems almost sweet when you’ve got some soy in your mouth.

tpapa2 goes for a nice Loire white, like Sancerre.

LisaC recommends Kerner, a grape from Alto Adige. It’s lemony, minerally, and tastes like a superior Riesling without the sugar. It’s perfect for sushi.

And the rebels go for Burgundy, especially a Cotes de Nuits. The acidity goes well with sushi rice, and it hits nicely against rich, fatty fish like tuna or salmon. And the minerality of a Burgandy goes nicely with sea flavors, says hreisig.

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