Writing in New York magazine, restaurant critic Adam Platt takes on the jaw-droppingly broad mandate of “select[ing] the best meals for every taste”—in New York City, no less. Including the boroughs (unless you happen to count Staten Island, the Bronx, or Queens—but hey, who other than the 4 million people who live in them really do?)

“The 2007 Platt List” sprawls over roughly 16 pages. In the margins, it rounds up everything from “Trends we’ve seen enough of …,” “The five best egg dishes in New York,” and “The best place for …” to “Best up-and-coming chefs.” And in the body of the pages, it scoots through just about every restaurant trend and style imaginable, popping out famous restaurant names (Aquavit! Masa! Del Posto!) in sexy boldface ink.

New Yorkers are almost guaranteed to stumble upon some sassily provocative red meat in here, but no matter where you’re from, there’s a lot to enjoy in this quilt-sized snapshot of a massive, lordly metropolitan area’s thriving restaurant industry. More than a mere capsule-based recap, Platt’s piece reads like a State of the Union address for New York gourmands.

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