Dig coffee? Got your top-grade burr grinder, your insanely cool espresso machine, your classic-yet-retro-yet-perfect French press? Still itching to be even more hardcore and insane and into coffee than the dude next door who just bought his two-thousand-dollar shiny Italian espresso machine? Well, time to roast your own beans.

Got that? Roast it yourself.

First you need green coffee beans. The top source for most users is Sweet Maria’s. They’ve got sixty green coffees in stock, all of them of very high quality, says srgoodman. Their website has loads of roasting tips for the beginner, too.

Sweet Maria’s is the place for a decent value on good-quality beans, and a huge selection, agrees scot. There’s also another option: the Green Coffee Cooperative, which is a little hit or miss on selection. But when they’ve got the goods, it is cheap, cheap, cheap. He’s roasting for espresso, so fineness of bean matters less to him.

An easy way to try out roasting yourself is with a cheap hot air popcorn popper–the kind you can get in a thrift store for a few bucks. It roasts beans decently well, says srgoodman. The next step up? A stovetop popcorn maker, with a crank and internal rotor that stirs the beans while they cook. moto says it’s perfect for gas stoves with good ventilation. This device is available through Sweet Maria’s, as is K. David’s excellent book on home roasting.

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