The highly public Rosie O’Donnell versus Donald Trump celebrity death match has reached new and decidedly bizarre proportions.

The whole thing began when Rosie initially spoke out against Trump’s giving Miss USA 2006 a second chance, despite the rumors of her drug use and heavy underage drinking.

Names were called, fur and combovers flew, and now KFC has offered up a fried wing of peace. According to Access Hollywood, the fried chicken chain that seems to change its name more often than Prince “has extended an invitation to Donald and Rosie to bury the hatchet over a bucket of chicken.”

Seems like an odd sort of peace offering until you consider that Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006 herself, is from Kentucky.

‘In honor of Ms. Connor’s [sic] roots and in keeping with our tradition of Southern Hospitality, I’m writing to invite you both to a KFC location of your choice as a neutral meeting ground to sort out your differences. To help, we’ll provide a special 10-piece meal for you to share. Consider it our “10 Peace Offering,”’ said the letter from Gregg Dedrick, KFC President and Chief Concept Officer. ‘Why point fingers when you can lick ‘em?’

Sure, when you explain it that way, it all makes sense. Or something.

Thank God there was a food angle to this topic, because I was dying for an excuse to point the way to the new Rosie-Trump online video game.

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