Sometimes you’re just too tired to make breakfast and sneaking a pop-tart is a guarantee that you’ll be hangry before lunchtime. Enter: the smoothie. You can change up the fruit, spoon in some kefir or yogurt, use any kind of milk, and even add in some additional protein powder to put a spring in your step. Try out these 9 fruit smoothie recipes to start off any day the right way.

1. Pineapple Honey Smoothie

Canned pineapple means you can make this smoothie any time of year with little preparation.  Add in bananas, milk, and honey for a little sweetness and start sipping. Get our Pineapple Honey Smoothie recipe.

2. Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie

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The closest thing you’ll find to cake in a glass, this carrot cake protein smoothie has vanilla almond milk and vanilla protein powder mixed with cinnamon, carrot juice, and a banana for a healthy approximation of a timeless dessert. Get the recipe here.

3. Best Breakfast Smoothie

Sparks and Sequins

Make this smoothie the night before and you’ll have a great breakfast waiting for you in the fridge the next morning. Old-fashioned oats and yogurt give this a creamy and smooth texture. Get the recipe here.

4. Banana Chard Smoothie

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It doesn’t get much healthier than this. One cup of Swiss chard, some coconut water, a banana, and a tangerine are tossed together and thrown in the blender for a tall glass of healthy goodness. Get the recipe here.

5. Açaí-Blueberry Smoothie


Packed full of the superfood açaí and antioxidants, this smoothie is a great way to commit to a healthy start. Use frozen or fresh blueberries and you can substitute the mango juice for any flavor that you like. Get our Acai Blueberry Smoothie recipe.

6. Cinnamon Plum Smoothie

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The beautiful color of this plum-based smoothie isn’t the only thing you’ll love about it. Apple juice, blueberries, cinnamon, and ice cubes are thrown in for a healthy mix that’s dairy-free and tastes even better after a few hours in the refrigerator. Get the recipe here.

7. Fruity Smoothie


Our fruity smoothie has two ounces of silken tofu (full of protein!) added to the strawberries, banana, vanilla yogurt, honey, apple juice, and nutmeg that are blended together for an icy treat. Get our Fruity Smoothie recipe.

8. Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

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Coconut flakes and coconut water are a good match for fresh raspberries and Greek yogurt (for extra protein). Try switching in strawberries or blackberries and garnish with a few more coconut flakes. Get the recipe here.

9. Green Goddess Smoothie

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This nutrition-packed green smoothie is also full of pre- and probiotics that are great for your gut. Kiwis, spinach, lemon, cucumber, coconut water, wheatgrass powder, matcha, and parsley are all blended together – add some water if you want a thinner consistency. Get the recipe here.

10. Tangy Banana Smoothie

Nutmeg and Greek yogurt give this banana smoothie an extra kick, making it the perfect drink jumpstart your day. Get our Tangy Banana Smoothie recipe.

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Caitlin M. O'Shaughnessy is a New York City–based food writer and editor at Penguin who has worked on and recipe-tested several cookbooks. She is currently in search of NYC’s best ramen, and is one of the few people who admit to disliking brunch.
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