What will The Lede, The New York Times’s nascent quirky-news blog, use for stories once the holidays are truly over? A few days ago, it filed some crucial coverage of the Swedish Gavli-Goat arson story (the goat in question was a giant straw effigy plagued by vandals; it’s now impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals to ward off mischievous match-wielders). And now, just breaking: High Levels of Holiday Spices Found in Puget Sound! Yup, the residue of all those Christmas cookies had to go somewhere. As blogger Tom Zeller Jr. writes,

Now, researchers at the University of Washington have detected something yummy in Puget Sound: During the weeks between Nov. 14 and Dec. 9, they found spikes in the levels of cinnamon and vanilla—attributable, they suspect, to an uptick in holiday baking.

And according to an AP wire report, the researchers were also “able to estimate that people in Seattle and a few outlying areas served by the sewage plant scarfed down the daily equivalent of about 160,000 butter- or chocolate-chip-type cookies and about 80,000 cookies containing cinnamon during the Thanksgiving weekend.”

Draw your own conclusions … more lebkuchen with that crab cake tonight?

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