Blue-state residents may have been eating (and loving) tofu forever, but apparently folks in the most cattle-infested regions are taking a bit longer to come around.

They’d better get ready, because according to an article in the Houston Chronicle:

You are going to be eating tofu—and liking it—within a decade.

A decade, huh? Well, I guess there’s no use rushing into things. With tasty recipes, sidebars galore, and even a pictorial on tofu-making, Peggy Grodinsky’s article may inspire some folks to beat that ten-year deadline.

Apparently not all Texans are soy-phobic, since the article also takes an in-depth look at Houston’s soybean scene, where multiple artisan tofu makers tempt customers with creations ranging from fried lemongrass tofu to tofu tamales.

Blue-staters should be so lucky.

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