For a party buffet or a family meal, spriral sliced hams are a real convenience. There are some good ones out there.

Harrington’s of Vermont has good piggy products. Emilief says their spiral hams are delicious, and there’s no need even to warm them up (though you can).

Chinowayne is awaiting the arrival of a Burger’s Smokehouse semi-boneless, spiral sliced city ham. Dhedges53 says their smoked ham hocks are something special, as well.

Nueskes is another good company, with great ham and bacon. GretchenS ordered a whole, bone-in ham (“best we’ve ever eaten!”), and they offer spiral sliced too.

DanaB is a fan of Honeybaked Hams. They’re wonderfully convenient for impromptu get-togethers. They’re at their best at room temperature. Dana has never NOT been able to get the size she wanted. “It may not be the best ‘ham’ but I think they are the best ‘spiral-sliced ham’.”

Don’t forget Costco’s spiral sliced ham! Jen Kalb agrees they’re definitely not the best, but very cost effective and very good. Tip: don’t use the sweet glaze that comes with it; make your own with mustard and brown sugar, then stud the ham with cloves.

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