The last season of Mad Men starts on April 5, and here at CHOW we’ve gathered a series of 1960’s-inspired recipes perfect for your Mad Men viewing parties. With the help of acclaimed Chef Jennifer Puccio (recent semi-finalist for the James Beard Award for Best Chef West) and Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti of SF’s Marlowe, The Cavalier, ​and Park Tavern, you can make these retro recipes at home.Sad the series is coming to an end? Celebrate with these 10 recipes to get you through the final episodes of the very last season of Mad Men:

1. Old Fashioned


This recipe for an Old Fashioned is a standby you should memorize so that you’re always ready to make a cocktail in a pinch. It’s simple, quick to assemble and delicious–if you don’t have superfine sugar on hand you can easily substitute normal white sugar (but be sure to stir your drink a few more times to help it dissolve). With bourbon (or rye), angostura bitters, and a splash of club soda, serve this with a large square ice cube and you’ll have a drink fit for Don Draper. Get our Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe.

2. Manhattan


The original New York City power cocktail, CHOW’s Manhattan is two parts whiskey to one part sweet vermouth. Add in two dashes of angostura bitters and a cherry (your average maraschino won’t do here; treat yourself and splurge with some Luxardo’s marasca cherries in maraschino liqueur). Stir with ice and pour into a chilled cocktail glass–straight glamor. Get our Manhattan Cocktail recipe.

3. Warm Deviled Eggs

Eric Wolfinger

The garnish on these deviled eggs are what make them a standout party choice. The filling is jazzed up with chopped shallots, Tabasco, chives, parsley, and cayenne. Top each egg with a slice of jalapeno, a two-inch slice of crispy bacon, and a slice of provolone, then warm in the oven until the cheese just starts to melt. Top with more chives, parsley, salt and pepper, and you’ve got one swanky hors d’oeuvre. Get our Warm Deviled Eggs recipe.

Can’t get enough deviled eggs? Check out CHOW’s Deviled Egg Gallery for more inspiration.

4. Baked Oysters Chowder in a Shell

Eric Wolfinger

Baked oysters with toasted breadcrumbs, chopped bacon and minced vegetables crisped in bacon fat make for an unusual and old school appetizer you won’t see on many tables. Garnished with lemon, sea salt, and chives, this oyster chowder in a shell also has toasted and ground fennel added to it for a unique flavor profile. Get our Baked Oysters Chowder in a Shell recipe.

5. Tartare


Steak tartare is one of the easiest, most extravagant starters–be sure to use the highest quality raw meat and eggs. Finely dice the prime beef tenderloin and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to combine it with the egg yolk mixture. Parsley, Worcestershire sauce, chile flakes, red onion, Dijon mustard, capers, and oil-packed anchovy fillets lend an enormous amount of flavor to this recipe and you shouldn’t resist piling it high onto toast points for an outstanding appetizer. Get our Classic Steak Tartare recipe.

6. Macaroon Pineapple Napoleons


A fruity take on a beloved cookie, these macaroon pineapple napoleons have Chantilly cream flavored with vanilla that make them a delicate post-dinner treat. Shredded coconut is combined with sugar, egg, and butter, then baked in a muffin tin and topped with diced pineapple. Layer the macaroons with a spoonful of diced pineapple and then a dollop of Chantilly cream, and repeat. Get our Macaroon Pineapple Napoleons recipe.

7. Classic Chocolate Layer Cake

Mack Male

A classic chocolate cake is always a welcome addition to any party, especially when it’s an elegant layer cake. This version by Emily Luchetti has five eggs and a whole cup of milk that keep the crumb moist and soft. The frosting has a full ten ounces of bittersweet chocolate and a stick-and-a-half of butter–it’s a smooth, creamy, and decadent end to the evening. Get our Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting recipe.

8. Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham


A smoked, bone-in ham with honey-mustard glaze is an amazing centerpiece for a party–this version includes a glaze so tasty you’ll be tempted to lick your fingers. Combine one cup of honey, some dark brown sugar, whole grain mustard, and butter, and pour this mixture into the scored surface of your ham. The golden brown crust is so salty, sweet, and delicious that you’ll have a hard time starting with just one slice. Get our Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham recipe.

9. Cheese Ball


Who doesn’t love a cheese ball? Luckily a Mad Men viewing party is exactly the right occasion to bring back this 1960s trend. CHOW’s recipe for The Turducken of Cheese Balls means business: weighing in at almost 5 pounds, you’ll need a crowd to finish off this cheese-filled delight. Start with a base of a washed rind semi-firm cheese and add in chorizo, Manchego, cream cheese, blue cheese, Emmentaler,  dried figs, parsley, chives…honestly there are so many amazing additions to this cheese ball that you’ll have to make it yourself to believe it. Get our Turducken of Cheese Balls recipe.

10. Beef Wellington


Beef Wellington is the ultimate fancy party fare with layers of pâté, mushroom duxelles, and puff pastry wrapped around a slice of tenderloin. CHOW’s version also includes slices of thinly cut prosciutto, adding a savory and salty flavor to the rich combination. Get our Beef Wellington recipe.

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