There’s no question that the ever-shrinking world brings with it a host of problems: new vectors for pandemics, global terrorism, monotonous rave compilations, and so on. But the shrinking globe (and growing EU, specifically) offers some exciting new culinary opportunities, or so writes the BBC.

In a brief but nicely illustrated story posted on its website, the Beeb introduces us to Bulgarian and Romanian favorites such as ciorba de perisoare (soup with meatballs), mititei (sausage-shaped hamburgers), and lyutenitsa (a roasted red pepper relish).

Although the story sheds some welcome light on the region’s folk favorites, it lacks recipes, which is sort of a shame. Those who traveled to Eastern Europe in days of yore and sampled the hotel fare (think: discs of gray mystery meat embalmed in clear gelatin) might enjoy a chance to redeem the cuisine without having to schlep back to Warsaw.

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