Heifer International is a 62-year-old organization that provides livestock and training to hungry families and communities. Alton Brown of Food Network’s Good Eats is just one of several other celebrities who support this “give a man a fish” in modern form. Earlier this week, Mary Louise Parker appeared on Martha Stewart’s talk show to discuss Heifer International as her charity of choice.

Heifer’s website explains:

As people share their animals’ offspring with others—along with their knowledge, resources, and skills—an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

Hungry families from Appalachia to Zambia have used Heifer livestock and training to alleviate hunger and poverty and become self-reliant. Heifer’s unique approach also promotes strong communities, sustainability, environmental protection and peace.

Said Brown in an AP article:

‘If I can get a couple of cows in Russia, bees to people in Kentucky, or a couple of flocks of geese to folks in China, that actually matters and I feel really good about it,’ Brown said from his Atlanta office at Be Square Productions, the company that produces his Good Eats show for the cable television network.

The article reports that Alton Brown’s Be Square Productions donates a “Gift Ark.” A Gift Ark is “a $5,000 donation that includes two each of Heifer’s animals, including cows, sheep, camels, oxen, water buffalo and rabbits, among many others.” Heifer ensures that Noah’s animals go “wherever they are needed most.”

Another place to spend your holiday dollars in a somewhat similar fashion is at Rent Mother Nature. Rent a branch on a peach tree in Georgia, some furry sheep in Massachusetts, or a lobster pot in Maine, and you are supporting small farms and farmers around the country. With your purchase, you receive a personalized lease (suitable for framing) and updates on the farm and the health of the animals, along with your part of the yield at the end of the season. It might be a wool blanket from the shorn sheep, fat and fuzzy peaches, or 7 1/2 pounds of live lobsters delivered to your doorstep.

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