The feast of the season will consist of a mere tablespoon of vodka and a small piece of fudge each for two New Zealanders on an unaided trekking expedition to the South Pole.

Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald are three-quarters of the way into their attempt at setting a record for overland, unaided polar expedition. If all goes as planned, the pair will reach the South Pole on New Year’s Eve, after nearly 50 days of slogging through snow and ice. An average day has them traveling over 15 miles, dragging their supplies on sleds.

Their daily food intake is centered around fats for energy—butter, salami, chocolate, oil, and a lot of nuts—about 4,500 calories a day. Still, the pair burn more than they consume. “Some days I feel like the exercise is eating away at my muscle and fat and other days I feel pretty good…. But I’m sure we are losing weight,” said Jaime Fitzgerald when interviewed by the New Zealand Herald.

One can only wonder what they’ll pick as their first full meal once the expedition is over—and how they will handle a full glass of booze after drinks by the tablespoon. The only thing for certain is that it will be a very white, very cold Christmas.

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