With only a few hours left until Christmas, the round of holiday parties and gatherings is beginning to feel like an assault as you are faced with ever more groaning buffets. Like you, columnists, bloggers, and other opinion makers have eaten way too much. But they aren’t feeling particularly apologetic.

What’s on the menu? In South Carolina it’s sweet potato soufflé, red velvet cake, and fried chicken. But first, some latkes.

In Utah, it’s the dreaded all-day office potluck featuring plenty of cookies and candy.

M of M’s blog discovers that making Christmas cookies, even for gifts, inevitably leads to binging on Christmas cookies.

How full are we? At New York magazine’s Grub Street, the Gobbler has helpfully posted a scale of hunger and satiety from Ravenous to Blacked Out. Right now I’m at:

15. Bloated. The normal state of world-class gourmands like Orson Welles, Jackie Gleason, and Jabba the Hut.

Apparently, these articles, ubiquitous at this time of year, are not doing much good.

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