It’s time to talk rice pudding. That old-timey favorite that Mom used to make. Here are some options for new spins on an old favorite!

1. Green Tea Rice Pudding

Photo and recipe by Chef Eddy

Chef Eddy puts an upscale Far Eastern touch on classic rice pudding. He includes matcha tea powder in the rice pudding, then layers it with fresh berries and crunchy streusel.

2. Leftover Chinese Rice Pudding

Recipe from CHOW and photo from Blissful Tastes

Waste not, want not! Use that extra rice from your ma po tofu for a quick, microwaveable recipe that is creamy, comforting, and dairy free!

3. Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding

Photo and recipe from CHOW

Champorado is a traditional Filipino dessert. Don’t forget the rich evaporated milk garnish for an extra dose of creaminess!

4. Easy Rice Pudding

Recipe and photo from CHOW

It’s a classic for a reason. Just half an hour on the stove, some milk, sugar, cinnamon, and rice, and you have a dessert so delish that it would make Grandma weep with pride.

5. Lebanese Rice Pudding

Photo and recipe from Journey Kitchen

Meghli is a dense, caroway- and anise-scented pudding where the rice is ground finely before being cooked. It’s served with pistachios, coconut, and more than a little Middle Eastern magic.

6. Toffee Banana White Chocolate Rice Pudding

Recipe and photo from The Kitchen McCabe

Because too much of a good thing is never enough. Candied nuts, caramelized bananas, buttery toffee sauce, and vanilla-scented rice pudding. All it needs is your spoon.

7. Savory Chicken Rice Pudding (Congee)

Recipe from Spice Traveller and photo from thebigfatnoodle

Surprise! Have your rice pudding for dinner and dessert! Spice Traveller cooks rice with ginger, garlic, and other aromatics and then serves the creamy potage with soy- and vinegar-sautéed chicken.

Header image of Slow Cooker Rice Pudding recipe from CHOW

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