It’s Italy versus innards as San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino—an aficionado of whole beast cuisine—gets ready to do battle against Mario Batali on the Food Network’s Iron Chef. He’s hoping the secret ingredient will be offal.

As he announced on his blog, Offal Good, Cosentino will tape the show this week in New York. It’s set to air early in 2007. “This is straight up hard work,” Cosentino writes of the one-hour competition. “I am going to cook my ass off!!”

Iron Chef Batali might do well to watch out. Cosentino competes in 24-hour ultra-endurance mountain bike races and is bound to be in good shape. He will also be fast on his feet, courtesy of a pair of custom-designed Adidas that look like a red-and-white-checked tablecloth with cutlery images on the stripes. Batali, known for his trademark orange Crocs, is going to have some competition in the footwear department, if nothing else.

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