Super Bowl drinks beer cocktails
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If you can’t bring yourself to drink another Keystone Light during the Super Bowl, fear not: Shaken, stirred, sometimes just poured—these beer cocktails are exactly the choice you need to make at halftime.

Of course, if you’d rather sip your craft beer straight, that’s also a fine option. In that case, check out which beer glass is best for each style (hint: Solo cups did not make the list). Whether you trust your fellow super fans with actual glass or not, be sure to complement these beertails with all the classic Big Game grub, from buffalo wings and pizza to chili and dip.

New England Patriots-Inspired Berry Beer Cocktail

With team-color-repping blueberries and strawberries, this practically counts as a healthy Super Bowl option. A little lime juice, grenadine, and simple syrup make things more interesting, but the star should be your favorite pilsner—and the glass you drink it out of should show your team spirit too. Get our Patriots-Inspired Super Bowl Cocktail recipe.

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With this one, you can make it a double!

Hound Dog Hooch

beer gin cocktail recipe

Calgary Herald

Bring summer back with this refreshing pink lemonade–based cocktail that’s topped with the wheat beer of your choice. Gin, Cointreau, and pink lemonade are combined with a layering effect that looks beautiful in a pint glass. The National beer hall in Calgary serves the Hound Dog Hooch in a Mason jar, and you can easily scale up the recipe for a batch of boozy lemonade. Get the Hound Dog Hooch beer cocktail recipe.


Super Bowl drinks beer cocktails


This San Francisco treat is made with a bottle of Anchor Steam beer that’s used to top off a shaken cocktail composed of St-Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, rye whiskey, and Heering Cherry Liqueur. This cocktail is slightly sweet and complements the malty notes in the beer. If you don’t like the strong cherry flavor you can substitute another liqueur—even some peach schnapps will do. Get our Steamroller recipe.

Gridiron Punch

Gridiron Punch beer cocktail recipe


This easy 3-ingredient cocktail is made from pineapple juice, herbaceous Yellow Chartreuse work, and the malty amber ale of your choice. Refreshing, in more ways than one! Get our Gridiron Punch recipe.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet beer cocktail recipe


This cocktail is so simple you can hardly call it a cocktail. Snag a Guinness from your football buddies and pour it into a tall glass (or a champagne flute, if you’re feeling fancy); top it off with some Champagne and call it an afternoon. Get our Black Velvet recipe.

Coupe de Ville

beer margarita recipe


Fresh-squeezed orange juice, tequila, orange liqueur, and 12 ounces of Mexican beer (like Dos Equis, or if you must, Corona) blend easily into a big-batch cocktail that you can serve to the whole gang on game day.

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French Monaco

French Monaco beer cocktail recipe


A classic among French teenagers, the French Monaco is a delectable combo of lemonade, pomegranate syrup, and a pale lager (like Stella Artois) shaken together in a cocktail shaker with ice and strained into a tall glass. Get the French Monaco recipe.

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

raspberry beer cocktail recipe

Pretty Plain Janes

Fresh raspberries make this a really special drink, and it’s easy to whip up while watching the game. Combine fresh raspberries, Corona, pink lemonade, and vodka for a fantastic alternative to just another brew. Get the Raspberry Beer Cocktail recipe.

Spicy Beer Cocktail (Michelada)

spicy beer cocktail recipe (michelada recipe)

Isabel Eats

An excellent pairing with wings, this spicy beer cocktail contains lime, hot sauce, and several savory umami-boosters, including Clamato (don’t knock it til you try it—but don’t serve it to vegetarians either, ’cause it’s made from clam juice and tomatoes). A spicy salt-and-cayenne rim enhances the burn in the best way. Get the Spicy Beer Cocktail (Michelada) recipe.

Shandy Beer Cocktail

classic beer shandy cocktail recipe

How to Feed a Loon

The classic summer shandy is great during football season too. Fresh ginger and lemon juice punch it up, and a healthy dose of vodka doesn’t hurt. Get the Shandy Beer Cocktail recipe.

Lot 49 Applejack Beer Cocktail

fall applejack beer cocktail recipe

Home Speakeasy

Pumpkin ale forms the basis for this delicious drink. Mix together bourbon, applejack, vanilla pumpkin syrup, cinnamon, and three ounces of pumpkin beer for a perfect wintry brew. Get the Lot 49 Applejack Beer Cocktail recipe.

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