We’re over a week into the New Year, but before we completely put last year behind us, it’s time to crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014!

Back in November, we asked you for your “Best Of” nominations, and then a few weeks later, based on the suggestions shared on Chowhound, we announced the official nominees for 15 categories ranging from Best Restaurant: Los Angeles to Worst Food Trends of 2014.

Through the month of December, you had the chance to vote on the community-generated nominees, and now, it’s time to reveal which restaurants made the biggest impression, which food blog wins the title of “Best of Chowhound 2014,” and (most passionately debated) what food trends made you cringe. If you’re interested in finding out who were the runners-up for each category, visit our Tumblr to see the results.

As awards go, this year’s nomination process may not have been perfect, but at the end of the day, sharing your opinions should be fun, right? So, we hope that you’ve enjoyed being part of crowning Chowhound’s Best of 2014, and we look forward to hearing your take on the state of dining and food media come awards season in November. Now, onto the winners that highlight what you’ve loved (and hated) about food in 2014:

Best Restaurant 2014: TorontoSplendido

Best Restaurant 2014: Miami | La Mar

Best Restaurant 2014: Philadelphia | Tie: Vernick Food & Drink and The Fat Ham (pictured)

Best Restaurant 2014: Austin | Franklin Barbecue

Best Restaurant 2014: Las Vegas | Lotus of Siam

Best Restaurant: Portland | Tasty n Sons

Best Restaurant 2014: Seattle | The Walrus & the Carpenter

Best Restaurant 2014: Boston | Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe

Best Restaurant 2014: Manhattan | Louro

Best Restaurant 2014: Minneapolis/Twin Cities | Corner Table

Best Restaurant 2014: Los Angeles | Maude

Best Restaurant 2014: San Francisco | Bar Tartine

Best Restaurant 2014: Chicago | Grace

Worst Food Trends of 2014 | Gluten-Free

Best Food Blog of 2014 | Northside Food

Thank you for taking the time to share your nominations and tell us who you thought deserved to be crowned Chowhound’s Best of 2014. Until next time, happy cooking, eating, and reading!

Photos from Toronto Life; Mandarin Oriental; Philadelphia Magazine; Fedman Walking; Gastronomy Blog; So Fat; Seattle Mag; Serious Eats; Louro; Green Your Plate; Tasting Table; SF Weekly; Bon Appétit; App for Health; Northside Food

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