The ease of making a punch for a party is made that much easier by not having to go to a dozen different stores, searching for multiple varieties of bitters and random syrups. These nine punches are more than worth the limited effort they take to throw together. Bundt pan ice ring optional, but recommended.
Header image and recipe of Rum and Cranberry Shrub Cocktail from CHOW

1. Peach Champagne Punch
While this punch makes the most sense in the height of those months when peaches are peaking, the use of frozen peaches makes it extra slushy even when it’s cold out.
Recipe from Recipe 4 Living

2. Lime Sherbet Punch

Paula Deen may be primarily known for butter, heavy cream, and deep-frying, but there’s definitely some booze behind the things she says. If it’s this punch, we totally understand.
Photo and recipe from the Food Network

3. Light Tropical Screwdriver Punch
Leave it to Smirnoff to give us this recipe for a low-cal punch. But it’s always nice to have a lighter option along with all the red wines and whiskeys of the season.
Recipe from Smirnoff

4. Sarasota Lemonade

You’ll likely need to visit a real-life wine shop to find Moscato d’Asti, but its tangy sourness will make the trip completely worth it. Promise.
Photo and recipe from

5. The Long Hello

This seasonally appropriate punch technically has five ingredients, but I’m going to assume you have at least an ancient jar of nutmeg in your pantry.
Photo and recipe from Bon Appétit

6. Milk Punch

This milk-cream-bourbon concoction is a good call for those squeamish about eggnog. Or for people who just like a little dairy with their booze.
Photo and recipe from Smitten Kitchen

7. Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Pomegranate is a classic holiday flavor, only improved by the sweet sparkle of champagne. Made with cava or Prosecco, this is a great budget option, too.
Photo and recipe from Martha Stewart

8. Lemon Drop Champagne Punch

So refreshing, especially when you leave out the candied lemon peels (which just make everything sticky).
Photo and recipe from Martha Stewart

9. Apple Brandy Hot Toddies
A hot drink at the end of a cold night is always comforting. Send your guests out the door before they get too sleepy, though!
Recipe from Food & Wine

Kelley Peters is a Brooklyn-based wine writer and educator. She still sometimes gets confused in wine shops.

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