When daddy cod loves mommy cod very much, the result is usually lots of really tiny baby cod eggs. Yay! But sometimes, when a chef is involved, the result is called “cod milt,” and it’s apparently delicious.

New York magazine is all over the cod spooge phenomenon, describing the dish as looking like a “cluster-bomb explosion in bocconcini factory.”

You can find cod milt on the menu of Brooklyn’s Zenkichi restaurant, where the “creamy and custardlike” dish is billed as shirako and either served with seaweed in a tangy ponzu sauce or cooked to an uni-like consistency as tempura with bonito broth.

Attention Brooklynite foodies: You’ve long claimed that you’ll eat anything, as long as it’s delicious. You now have a stellar opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Or your mouth where a lady cod should be. Or whatever. Pucker up!

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