What happened to 2014? Hanukkah is just days away, and with less than two weeks to go before Christmas, it’s officially time for those ubiquitous year-in-review roundups. The good news is, our “Chowhound’s Best of 2014” list is driven by you, the community, instead of some editor somewhere just making it up. Here’s your chance to reflect on great meals past (well, no more than 12 months past), and to share your opinions about the good (your favorite restaurants and food blogs of 2014) and the bad (2014’s worst food trends).

We asked for your nominations a few weeks back, and although there were some categories where opinions were copious (Best Restaurant Boston and Worst Food Trends, for instance), there were some (Recipes, Best Cookbook, Best App, and Best Food Trend) that elicited the sound of crickets. We dropped these categories, but that’s what this process is about, right? Finding out what everybody’s passions were focused on in 2014.

Also, if a category got more than the minimum of four nominations, but did not have at least 10 suggestions, we added a few of our favorite restaurants so there’d be at least, say, 10 voting options for that city. We did that with the Chicago, Minneapolis/Twin Cities, and Portland lists.

So now, the polls are open! We urge you to weigh in, as soon as you can: Polls close on Friday, January 2, and we’ll announce the winners a week later, on Friday, January 9. That gives you three weeks to help crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014. What are you doing still reading? Stop. Time is ticking…now get voting!

VOTE HERE! Chowhound’s BEST Restaurants of 2014

VOTE HERE! Chowhound’s WORST Food Trend of 2014

VOTE HERE! Chowhound’s BEST Food Blog of 2014

Photos: Sriracha from Al Jazeera America; Egg on Bolognese from Ribelle, Boston / Photo from Bon Appetit; Table spread at Nico Osteria, Chicago / Photo from Rundown

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