Opening just in time for Christmas, the folks at Hollywood Gelato Company in Los Feliz clearly lack a sense of timing as well as geography. It’s cute inside, with a decent but not huge selection of flavors. Those flavors, by the way, are not nearly as interesting as the ones a few minutes away at Pazzo Gelato, comments Queequeg. The gelato itself, which isn’t made on-site, is actually too creamy, making it more like rich ice cream than gelato. A small cup is $2.95.

Change is in the air at Fiore, the tangy-yogurt place in Little Tokyo. Well, not the Pinkberry-knockoff decor–those Starck Ghost chairs are there to stay. But the name of the store is now “If,” perhaps adding an air of mystery, and they’ve branched out from their original two flavors (plain and green tea), adding sour and blueberry–or was that blackberry?

Hollywood Gelato Company [Los Feliz]
1936 Hillhurst

Pazzo Gelato [Silverlake]
3827 Sunset Blvd., at Hyperion

If Yogurt [Little Toyko]
formerly Fiore
134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall

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