It’s the best $24 lunch in New York City, says Brian S, and few seem to know about it. At Perry Street, you’ll be offered a menu of 12 possible courses, from which you choose two plus a dessert. (You can add more courses for $12 each.) After an amuse of borscht made with apples, beets and horseradish, here’s how Brian’s lunch went:

– Five huge, luscious shrimp rubbed in spices and grilled, served atop a mild yellow vegetable puree alongside intensely flavored chorizo broth.

– A grilled sea bass filet, crispy skin on, atop a green puree laced with fennel. Topped with delicious caramelized radishes, reminiscent of sweet potatoes, and served with tangy ruby grapefruit coulis.

– For dessert, goat’s milk cheesecake, macerated cherries with celery leaves, fruit sorbet, and caramelized nuts.

All this comes in a lovely modern space with great service, a Hudson River view and, Brian adds, “for most of the time I was there, the place was empty except for me and the waiters. You’d expect a line out the door.”

Perry Street [Greenwich Village]
176 Perry St., at West St., Manhattan

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