Nothing says Saturday morning like sunlight waking you up around 10 a.m., your favorite guilty-pleasure show on the DVR, and—of course—a Bloody Mary. Though the origins of this famed drink are much disputed, what isn’t up for argument is its popularity. Traditionally made with vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, and other aromatics, it’s the ideal way to shake off the hangover from a crazy night and ease into the weekend. Check out these nine examples of serious Bloody Mary obsession.

1. Bloody Mary Popsicles

This recipe from Endless Simmer combines the best parts of Bloody Marys with the best parts of summer. These frozen pops pack a spicy, savory punch with fresh tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. Don’t forget the vodka and don’t forget that this is an adults-only treat.
Photo and recipe from Endless Simmer

2. Bloody Mary Steak

Because humans are not built to subsist on cocktails alone. This recipe, from Everyday Maven, marinates lean London broil in store-bought Bloody Mary mix, then tops the medium-rare meat with a tapenade made from traditional garnishes like celery, olives, and freshly ground pepper. Flank steak or skirt steak would also work well in this slightly spicy, savory dish.
Photo and recipe from Everyday Maven

3. Bloody Mary Pizza

Now, get your buzz and hangover cure in one fell swoop! Mayfair Pizza Co.‘s Bloody Mary pizza has the booze to get you buzzed, the pizza dough to get you sober, and the Bloody Mary ingredients (horseradish, celery salt, cherry tomatoes) to tantalize your taste buds. The vodka and tomato juice base is spread on the pizza dough, then topped with celery leaves, arugula, and cherry tomatoes.
Photo from Metro UK

4. Bloody Mary Tomatoes

Molecular gastronomy is all the rage, but you needn’t indulge in any expensive chemicals or kits. Kate’s Kitchen simply skins cherry or grape tomatoes, then soaks them in a mixture of vodka, vinegar, and other spices before dipping them in freshly cracked pepper. They’re tiny, tipsy flavor bombs.
Recipe from Kate’s Kitchen, photo from Gourmet

5.  Bloody Mary Salt

If you just need a way to spice up your popcorn or rim your martini glass, check out CHOW’s very own Bloody Mary salt. It’s packed with sun-dried tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco, providing a punch of flavor in each grain of salt. Add some to your homemade potato chips and life will never be the same.
Photo and recipe from CHOW

6. Bloody Mary Cupcakes

Sweet gets a spicy side with these cayenne-frosted cupcakes from Never Dessert You. The crimson cupcakes get their hue from food coloring, and along with the standard Bloody Mary flavoring there’s an unexpected kick of cinnamon. Don’t forget the sweet and spicy cayenne vodka icing for the final touch.
Photo and recipe from Never Dessert You

7. Parmesan Polenta Fries with Bloody Mary Dip

The Little Things’ spicy Bloody Mary dip is ketchup’s older, sassier sister. It’s made with smooth tomato purée spiked with Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and yes, even a couple tablespoons of vodka. It’s ideal with crunchy Parmesan polenta fries, but would be equally great with regular fries or atop a hamburger.
Photo and recipe from The Little Things

8. Chicken Fried Bloody Mary

Because why garnish a drink with a celery stick when at Sobelman’s Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, you can have it served with sausage, shrimp, bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheese balls, and an entire fried chicken. That’s right, each huge $50 Bloody Mary comes topped with an entire fried chicken, and $5 of each one sold goes toward the Hunger Task Force. It will be sold throughout the fall, but it’s so popular that perhaps it will be extended.
Photo from The Drinks Business

9. Habanero Bloody Mary

If after all of these ideas, you still want a plain old Bloody Mary, at least make it nose-searingly spicy. Habanero peppers are infused with vodka for three days. Then, the über-hot vodka is mixed with fresh-squeezed tomato juice, herbs, and spices, and the entire drink is served with some extra-crispy bacon.
Photo from In Sock Monkey Slippers; header image from RedEye Chicago

Sarah Spigelman Richter is a New York City–based writer, blogger, and social media manager. She has developed recipes for Tabasco, blogs about her favorite restaurants and recipes at Fritos and Foie Gras, and can be found, most Friday nights, watching “Arrested Development” reruns.
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