Mexi-Casa has been serving up giant meals of consistently tasty Mexican-American food at paupers’ prices since the ‘60s (when no non-Latinos in OC could pronounce the word ta-que-ria), and recently moved to new digs, says GrindzHound.

Make sure to get the cheese chips, roasted in the oven to toasty, bubbly perfection. Al pastor and carnitas are especially good. A lot of people seem to like salsa roja with al pastor, but it makes a great combo with salsa verde–the combination of tomatillos, crunchy onions and the meat is a classic one. There’s also a sinus-clearning chile verde and beef tacos, the shell and beef deep-fried together for a meaty roasted flavor.

Combination lunch with two items, rice and beans is $3-4. Combination dinner (same) is $4-5.

Mexi-Casa Restaurant [South OC]
1778 W. Lincoln Ave., at Euclid, Anaheim 92801

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Maybe the Best Value in OC, Mexi-Casa.

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