The current Doctor Who sci-fi series, starring David Tennant as the Doctor, is going strong both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It’s one of the most popular shows at Television Without Pity and can trace its hearty roots back to 1963, when the first series aired in the UK.

Every Doctor Who fan—even those of us who were fans during the curly-headed Tom Baker years—is familiar with the evil robot race, the Daleks. Bent on ultimate domination of the universe, Daleks are ruthless, merciless, and deadly. According to their Wikipedia entry:

[The Daleks] have become synonymous with Doctor Who and their behaviour and catchphrases are part of British popular culture. ‘Hiding behind the sofa whenever the Daleks appear’ has even been cited as an essential element of British cultural identity, along with Bovril and afternoon tea.

Furthermore, the Daleks are particularly famous for repeating their stilted catchword, “Ex-ter-min-ate!” until you are chilled to your human core. So, are you with me so far? Daleks: evil, robotic, killers. But also? Tasty.

Chocablog presents us with a fabulous Dalek chocolate cake recipe called “Extermination by Chocolate.” Would you believe there’s even an entire Flickr group solely devoted to Dalek Cakes? It’s true.

Who knew that eventual robot world domination could be so decadent?

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